Key Concept van gogh, landscape & marks

Objectives SW
a) use marks to describe what they observe in landscape
b) observe how Van Gogh came to use marks as a means of texture, space, and that Van Gogh spirit of describing what we feel and not see

a) demo and repro discussion of vocab. of mark making
b) definition of landscape and Van Gogh history
c) Demo of scribbling Gesture to understand observed landscape
d) Composition and begin drawing using marks
e) Using landscape repro hand out and begin
f) Scibble first describing composition etcLay of land
g) Layout drawing using good drawing practice.

Materials - Pencil or pen 9x paper, white

Artists - Van Gogh

a) TIO
b) Composition
c) Use and variety of marks
d) Visual description of landscape as per Van Gogh
e) Filling of paper, to show an understanding of Van Gogh the artist.