Value lesson

Key Concept - Value Scale in Black &White/shading
Objective - Students will:
a) Learn about light vs. dark, shape into form through shading or light
b) Learn value scale
c) Come to understand the effects of tone and value on space, depth and Mood or atmosphere.
d) Cover the Renaissance The age of enlightenment in Italy and Northern Europe - Giotto, Leonardo, Bottocelli, Michelangelo, and Raphael, Van Eych, Vermeer, Durer
e) Learn and use Art Vocabulary pertaining to value -
f) L Earn the parts of a shadow.
g) Examine different types of pencils and tools for drawing.
h) Create a B/W color scale

Procedure 1 creating value

Project 1 value scale
a) Intro, history and demo. Vocab - shading, value, value scale shadow, form, mass, and volume space and depth.
b) Demo black & white value scale
c) draw Seven to 9 blocks
d) Hatch or cross hatch or scribble darkest dark to paper, light


Project 2 Geometric forms
a) shade Geometric forms by blending with pencil
b) use correct technique for layout or composing

materials for Procedures 1and 2 pencil and 12x paper


Project 3 Still life in Charcoal

a) Demo composition and drawing in charcoal
b) layout a draw simple still life with correct shading and use of value.
c) Blend using stumps
materials charcoal, blending stump, 12 x white paper

vase and pot shading.jpg
vase and pot shading.jpg