Sketch Book Art 1

Date:4/8,Due 4/11
How is the design of a superhero like the Greek Cycladic sculptures and of Kourous figures ? (Hint elements principles and purpose)Marvel-Superhero-Zombies-6.jpg
Superheroes-RedTornado.jpgcycladic art.jpg Cycladic Figurefemale_head_cycladic_art_statue1.jpg Female headg_discobolos.jpg
This is classical Greek Sculpture
the discus throwerhb_32.11.1.jpg Kourous
Start looking at the eyes of your picture.
Study the proportions of the skull for a quiz.

Date:3/18, Due date:NC
What is a Portrait?
What is a self portrait?
What would be the characteristics of a good portrait?
From the stand point of the artist, What should a portrait and a self portrait show?
Date: 2/27-Due: 3/4or5
draw a small stack of something, boxes, shoes, whatever, your clothes. Draw quicK, don't labor, look for light and dark, think of you line like the ribbon letters you've been drawing, see what happens, Is it abstract, Is it a landscape?

Date 2/ 18 and Due 2/21
Draw your name in ribbon shading in black and white correctly.
Then do the same using a monochromatic scheme.
Then try one using a complementary scheme.
Ed Ruscha

Objective- patterns and repetition
Start observing letters, type, font, symbols, logos, flags.
Save them, copy them, cut them out, tear them out.
Look for design use of color and value, mood, what the type says- Example a flag says what about who and how does it say it?
Due? Class after next, end of the week as this is Monday

Date: 1/24
How does Paul Klee use line in this painting?
How are shapes used?

How Does Alma Thomas use line?
How does her shapes define movement?a64603b7b5d7f66d3d4601e1b136ca7c.jpg
how is movement used in the Alma Thomas painting below. How did she manipulate color to move your eye or inflate you senses?
Due: 2/3 or 4

DATE - 12/11
Drawing value shading
You can start these now and finish before the break or draw during the break they are due first week back

1st) draw a sphere and a cube and shade them by creating a light source. Then name the parts of a shadow
2nd shade an egg, remembering to create a light source
3rd draw a glass of water shading it correctly
4th draw a Christmas ornament (sphere) with all the reflections
if none are around them draw any shiny object
5th Draw your coffee or tea in four different points of view

Dibujo Valor sombreado
Usted puede comenzar estos ahora y terminar antes del descanso o dibujar durante el descanso son primera semana debe regresar

1 º) dibujar una esfera y un cubo y la sombra mediante la creación de una fuente de luz. Entonces nombrar las partes de una sombra
Segunda sombra de un huevo, sin olvidarse de crear una fuente de luz
Tercero dibujar un vaso de agua sombreado correctamente
Cuarto dibujar un adorno de Navidad (esfera) con todas las reflexiones
si no hay ninguno que les rodea dibujar cualquier objeto brillante
Quinto Dibuja tu café o té en cuatro diferentes puntos de vista
Example of shading or a value change on a cube, a geometric form.
C0031203.jpg Examples of reflections through a glass of water.color_reflection_in_a_water_glass_by_skycaller1311-d4o80d3.jpg Color reflection through a glass of water.


Red is due Blue is done Spanish is Green
Date: 11/ 26
Objective - A Vanitas still life has to do with warnings of vanity, the pursuit of beauty and the shortness of life.
a) Identify what you think the symbols in any THREE of these Vanitas painting are.
b) Then define their symbol's meanings.
Due After Thanksgiving

Dutch, Still Life

Adrian Van Utrech, Still Life with Bouquet and Skull

Still Life Cornelius Norbetus Gijsbrechts

Still Life with Skull, Wax, Jack and Pocket Sundail
Vanitas Still Life.jpg
Vanitas Still Life.jpg

Vanitas Still LIfe
Date: 11/22
1)Regarding light source, why did the gun fighters choose high noon for their gun fights?
2)Regarding light source, why do most painters prefer northern light? Remember to back up your opinion and give a resource or picture.
Due: NC
1) En cuanto a la fuente de luz, ¿por qué los pistoleros eligen mediodía por sus tiroteos?
2) En cuanto a la fuente de luz, ¿por qué la mayoría de los pintores prefieren la luz del norte? Recuerde hacer copias de seguridad de su opinión y dar un recurso o una imagen.
Fecha de entrega: NC

Date: 11/18
Look at these paintings. How does value effect the emotional quality, the mood of the work?

de Chirico
Van Gogh


Roger Van der Weyed

Date: 11/11
Compare the two still lives
Due: NC


Date 10/ 24,25
objective - review Pos. Neg. /thumbnails
Procedure - a) Review
b) finish thumbnails - 4/1/3
Due/ NC

Date - 10/15-16
Explain the following ,add a Visual EXAMPLE OF AN OBJECT YOU SIMPLIFIED
Explique lo siguiente, agregue un ejemplo visual de un objeto USTED simplificado
Due - 10/17-18

#1 date 9/19
Objective: identifying the Elements of Art
Procedure a: Find examples (five each) of the Elements of Art in the real world and describe them.
Procedure B: Identify the elements of art in an Andrew Wyeth OR a Jamie Wyeth Painting.
Example - there is an example of a line in the trees against the sky. Etc...
Objective: The Principle of Design
Procedure A: go to gallery
Pick an artist from the Impressionist period and one painting. Explain how the artist used the Principle of Design.

example: focal point In this painting of Christina's world the artist Andrew Wyeth Placed Christina in the middle of the painting and there is nothing else around her.
Then pick the next Principle and repeat the procedure Until all the Principles have been used.
Procedure B: go to gallery
Pick an artist fro m the Fauve period and one painting. Explain how the artist used the Principle of Design.
Use the same example if you wish.
Due NC:
Objetivo: identificar los elementos del arte
Procedimiento a: Buscar ejemplos (cinco cada uno) de los elementos del arte en el mundo real y describirlos.
Procedimiento B: Identificar los elementos del arte en un Andrew Wyeth O una pintura de Jamie Wyeth.
Ejemplo - hay un ejemplo de una línea de los árboles contra el cielo. Etc. ..
Fecha: NC
# 2Date: 9/19
Objetivo: El Principio de Diseño
Procedimiento A: ir a la galería
Elige un artista de la época impresionista y una pintura. Explique cómo el artista utiliza el Principio de Diseño.
ejemplo: el punto focal en esta pintura del mundo de Christina el artista Andrew Wyeth Christina Situado en el centro de la pintura y no hay nada más a su alrededor.
A continuación, elija el siguiente principio y repetir el procedimiento hasta que se hayan utilizado todos los Principios.
Procedimiento B: ir a la galería
Elige un artista fro M El período fauvista y una pintura. Explique cómo el artista utiliza el Principio de Diseño.
Utilice el mismo ejemplo, si usted desea.
Debido NC:
Date 10/7,8
Objective – contour drawing
Procedure –
a) Draw a Modified contour with contour lines drawing of objects you know.
b) One a day - 4 views of each object.
c) These will be checked each class until 5 have been done
Due – each class until 10/16,17
No Lates included this time


Fecha 10/7, 8
Objetivo - Dibujo del contorno
Procedimiento -
a) Dibuja un contorno Modificado con las líneas de contorno de los objetos que conoces.
b) Una al día - 4 vistas de cada objeto.
c) Estos serán revisados ​​cada clase hasta que 5 se han realizado
Due - cada clase hasta el 10/16, 17
No hay Lates incluyen este momento

external image sandals-contour.JPG external image contour1198.jpg
Simple Contour Drawing Introduction to the Visual Arts: Th 1/19 Contour Line

Date: 5/13
Objective - perspective practice/Point of view
1) Procedure - a) practice drawing perspective views, these can be freehand or mechanical. To do this you will have to change your point, of view, meaning where you view an object from, example above, below, on the eye level line. You can do objects like chairs, books, tables rooms etc. Think creatively. Objects picked will effect grade
2) Begin thumbnails on final piece I need to see a bunch.
Due; 5/17/18

Date: 5/6
Writing Assigment, short , concise, thinking, quiz coming
Answer "Questions" in cubism, fragmentation and abstraction section See Menu
Define "Vocabulary"
This is a quote by Willem De Kooning. Explain what he is saying.

"..of course to think such things, I have to admit- it isn't very grown-up.I can't help it. I stayed in this world of childish wonder. I think a lot ofcreative people never grow up. I am certain that a real man wouldn'tpaint any pictures!...or wonder about the universe...or believe in dreams...or think that trees sometimes look at him."

Due: 5/10

Date: 5/6,7
Objective - proportions
Procedures -
a) find the section, proportions, copy into your sketch book the proportion for the head.
b) redo your last portrait using the proportions. draw them on first, then apply features and tones.

Objective - Portraits
Procedure - copy either of the portraits below.

Due: 5/2 ,3

Objective: Space and Morals
1) Describe the use of space in the paintings below. Reduce them to P & N thumbnails. Describe the difference between them.
2) Look at these portraits by John Singer Sargent. Compare them in terms of style, color and posture. Which one would you consider indecent? Remember you are viewing it as a 2012 person. You need to be in the turn of the 19th to 20th century.
Objetivo: El espacio y la moral
1) Describir el uso del espacio en estas pinturas. entonces reducir a P & N y describir la diferencia entre ellos.
2) Mire los retratos de John Singer Sargent. Comparar en términos de estilo, el color y la postura. ¿Cuál sería para ti indecente? Recuerde que usted está viendo como una persona de 2012. Debe estar en la vuelta del 19 al siglo 20.


Once you have decided which is indecent, say why - completely. NOW DO RESEARCH.
Una vez que usted ha decidido que es indecente, decir por qué - por completo. ¿Ahora INVESTIGACIÓN.

Date: 4/1
Classes doing positive negative - study for quiz.
Las clases que realizan positivo negativo - estudio para examen
Due: 4/3

Date:4/1 (for assemblage)
Tell me about your piece. Describe it.
How did you use fabric in your piece?
What was your method of attachment?
What was your color scheme?
How did you arrive at it?
If you used text, how did you use it? Was it as a mark or writing or color?
How could you make your piece more interesting?
Why do you think some artists use multiple medias or mix media to make their piece?
How does the use of multi media effect or affect the outcome of their work?
How did you have to change your means of working?
Why do you think your piece works?
Why do you think you deserve a B or an A?
As an artist, how does your piece fit into a group say politically, poetically, or just as decoration?
How much effort went into your piece? How is that effort exhibited in your piece?
Due: 4/7,8

4/ assemblage/multi media
For sections doing assemblage bring in your STUFF Next Class, Read up, Check galleries, Also see lesson plan in menu.
For sections doing Positive/Negative Read lesson in menu, see gallery bring in thumb nails begun in class and finished at home. HAVE ready for next class.
Due: NC
Date: 4/Positive/negative
Draw six objects, small, in your house or space and reduce them to positive negative. You can include a background if you wish on one or two of them.
Due: 4/

Fecha: 3/18
Dibuja seis objetos, pequeños, en su casa o en el espacio, y los reduce a positivo negativo. Se puede incluir un fondo si usted desea en una o dos de ellas.
Fecha de entrega: 3/21, 22

remember for sections doing assemblage bring in your STUFF Next Class, Read up, Check gallerys, Also see lesson plan in menu.
For sections doing Positive/Negative Read lesson in menu, see gallery bring in thumb nails begun in class and finished at home. HAVE ready for next class.
Due: NC

Date: 2/25
Objective: Color and tone
A) Taking what you know about color, go to the gallery and sketch (4X6) a wolf Kahn Landscape and a Monet Landscape.
B) Change the Tone of the painting, making it first warm then cool then black and white.
Due: 3/1
Fecha: 2/25
Objetivo: Color y tono
A) Tomando lo que usted sabe sobre el color, ir a la galería y dibujo (4X6) a Landscape lobo Kahn y un paisaje de Monet.
B) Cambiar el tono de la pintura, por lo que es primero calentar y enfriar a continuación en blanco y negro.
Gracias: 3/1

Attention All Art 1
start collecting bits of clothe,fabric, string, thread, stuff. Pictures for a piece based in fibre.
Due by 2/20

Objective: Color wheel, Color Scale, Chromatic Scale
Procedure: Draw a color wheel with 3 major color systems,
Color scale - 3/tints, 3/shades, color in middle
Chromatic scale - Complement at each end and gray in middle, 3 blocks to build to middle.
Due: 2/11,12
Fecha: 2/5
Objetivo: Rueda de color, escala de colores, escala cromática
Procedimiento: Dibuje un círculo cromático con 3 sistemas de color más importantes,
Escala de colores - 3/tints, 3/shades, color en el medio
Chromatic scale - Complemento en cada extremo y gris en el centro, a 3 cuadras de construir a medio.
Fecha de entrega: 2/11, 12

Done and gone, the train has left the STATION
Midterm ART EXAM
You are to complete for your Midterm, a surrealist drawing. Follow the instructions below.
It should contain at least 3 of the 4 to 5 symbols you have researched in your sketchbook.
It should make a statement of some kind. (I asked you to prepare in you sketch book assignment.)
Your thumbnails are all part of your finished exam as well as the questions I will be asking. These will be dated and listed below. They must be answered as they are a way of you describing your thinking process.
It can or should be in black and white and if you wish you may add minimal color.
Criteria - use must use, value, good line work, good composition, depth, overlapping, value will show form. You must have the Principles of design - Focal Point, Balance, Harmony, Unity, Contrast, Variety.
You may also incorporate collage elements.

Due: NC - Define SYMBOL. WHat is their use/purpose.
How would or could observational drawing help an artist that is designing symbols?
Due: NC - What are the FOUR steps to beginning a piece of art?
What type of COMPOSITION are you using? Explain your choice.
Due: NC - Define SURREALISM. Name 2 Surrealists artists.
Why did their work interest you?
Due - How is surrealism like poetry? In general terms.
Due: - What good is an art form that is based in being illogical? What is the purpose of art anyway?

EXAMEN DE ARTE intermedia
Usted debe completar para el medio término, un dibujo surrealista. Siga las instrucciones de abajo.
Debe contener al menos 3 de los 4 a 5 símbolos de haber investigado en su cuaderno de bocetos.
Se debe hacer una declaración de algún tipo. (Le pidió que preparara en ti asignación cuaderno de dibujo.)
Sus miniaturas son parte de su examen final, así como las preguntas que se formulan. Estos tendrán la fecha y que figuran a continuación. Ellos deben ser contestadas, ya que son una forma de que describa su proceso de pensamiento.
Se puede o debe ser en blanco y negro y si lo desea puede añadir color mínimo.
- Criterios de utilización debe usar, el valor, la línea de trabajo buena, buena composición, la profundidad, la superposición, el valor se mostrará la forma. Debe contar con los Principios de diseño - Punto Focal, Equilibrio, armonía, unidad, contraste, Variety.
Usted puede también incorporar elementos de collage.
Por: Carolina del Norte - Definir SÍMBOLO. ¿Cuál es su uso / propósito.
¿Cómo podría o dibujo observaciones ayudar a un artista que es el diseño de símbolos?
Por: Carolina del Norte - Definir el surrealismo. Nombre 2 artistas surrealistas.
¿Por qué su interés por el trabajo que usted?
Fecha de entrega: NC - ¿Cuáles son los cuatro pasos para iniciar una obra de arte?
¿Qué tipo de composición está usando? Explique su elección.

How can the act of oberservation effect a movement like Surrealism? Example please.
Due: NC
Date: 1/15
All Sections,
What is the realization and flaw in the Surrealist Manifesto?
Due N.C.

Question, What is the nature of observational drawing? reference your answer.
Three animal symbols, 1 gestural symbol needed drawn and/or pictures.
Due N.C.

Date: 1/
Objective: symbols, repetition, color
1) Find at least FOUR To FIVE symbols.
2) They must complete a thought, or a statement about something you feel personally about. If you do not understand what a symbol is - you should look up the meaning
3) Sketch your symbol
4) Write down its meaning
5) Write down your statement example: "guns are bad". Your symbols must be arranged to say this.
6) 4,1, 3 thumbnails.
Due 1/

Fecha: 1 /
Objetivo: símbolos, repetición, color
1) Encuentre por lo menos cuatro o cinco símbolos.
2) Deben completar una idea, o un pronunciamiento sobre algo que se siente personalmente acerca. Si usted no entiende lo que es un símbolo es - usted debe buscar el significado
3) Dibuje el símbolo
4) Escriba su significado
5) Escriba su ejemplo siguiente afirmación: "las armas son malas". Los símbolos deben estar dispuestos a decir esto.
6) 4,1, 3 miniaturas.
Debido 1 /

ate: 12/17,18
In Andy Warhols multiple image pieces, what is he trying to say by repeating his images. Does repetition repeating something make it so?
Due: 12/20,21
Fecha: 12/17, 18
En piezas de Andy Warhols imágenes múltiples, ¿qué está tratando de decir, repitiendo sus imágenes. ¿Tiene algo repetición repetir que lo fuese?
Fecha de entrega: 12/20, 21

Objective: create image
Procedure: create image, shape, or shapes to be used as a stencil. Image should be simple but, you know best.
Draw it in the piece. Change it, redraw. YOU CAN TRY A 4/1/3 with the image. Think something you know something in your house, a number or a symbol.
Due: 12/13,14
Objetivo: crear la imagen
Procedimiento: crear la imagen, la forma o formas que se utilizarán como una plantilla. La imagen debe ser simple, pero, ¿sabes mejor.
Dibuje en la pieza. Cambiarla, volver a dibujar. Puede probar un 4/1/3 con la imagen. Piense en algo que usted sabe algo en su casa, un número o un símbolo.
Due: 12/13,14

Date: 12/3/4
What is one of the most famous anti war paintings ever done?
World War 2
A connection between France and Spain
The Nazi’s hated this artist and tormented him at every turn. But because of his world- wide status they could not kill him. They wanted too.
He was known for at least 2 art movements.
He had a feud with another famous artist who spend the war in the south of France.
The painting is in black, white and gray.
Due: 12/6&7

Date: 11/29/30
Objective: translating value
Procedure: Find a painting by Monet, Andrew Wyeth, Chinese Brush Painting, Edward Hopper Franz Kline, Joan Mitchell and Rembrandt then relate how they used value in their work. In doing this you might speak of depth , atmosphere and space
Due: Next Thursday 12/6 and Friday 12/7

Procedimiento: Encuentra una pintura de Monet, Andrew Wyeth, pintura del cepillo del chino, Edward Hopper Franz Kline, Joan Mitchell y Rembrandt luego relatar cómo se ha utilizado el valor de su trabajo. Al hacer esto, usted podría hablar de la profundidad, la atmósfera y el espacio

Due: Next Thursday 12/6 and Friday 12/7

(brush up on value)

Date: 11/26
Objective: Art Nouveau - Organic Design
Procedure: See date 10/24
Make sure you have studied the gallery
Make sure you have done this project
Due: 11/28-29
Organic designs

Fecha: 11/26
Objetivo: Art Nouveau - diseño orgánico
Procedimiento: ver la fecha de 10/24
Asegúrese de que ha estudiado la galería
Asegúrese de que ha realizado este proyecto
Fecha de entrega: 11/28-29
Highly designed and drawn

Date: 11/19
Objective: Shading/ value changes
1) Practice shading the sphere with different shading techniques
2) Find a painting by Manet and Andrew Wyeth and relate how the value effects the melancholy mood in each.
3) Finish value scales copies begun in class

Fecha: 11/19
Objetivo: Sombreado / valor cambia
1) Práctica sombra de la esfera con diferentes técnicas de sombreado
2) Busca una pintura de Manet y Andrew Wyeth y relatar cómo afecta el valor de la melancolía en cada uno.
3) Acabado escalas valor copia comenzado en clase
Fecha de entrega: 11/26/27

Date: 11/9
Objective: Comparison of drawing to painting
a) There are two sets of drawings and paintings
b) compare the likeness and differences of each
c) Starry Night and Cafe At Night
Due: 11/15,16

Date: 10/24
Obective: Art Nouveau
1) study gallery
2) Take one of the utensils just drawn and turn it into an art nouveau design.
3) review organic shapes
4) Need thumbnails for an Organic design containing some kind of organic subject matter.
Due: by 11/3 New date: 11/15,16

Objective: Observation - Utensils
Procedure: Draw a small still life focusing on utensils (meaning open)
4 thumbnails
1 finished drawing, blended with pencils
What will you focus on? Surface, shape, form? why?
Due: 15-17 New call by 10/29,30 New Date: 11/15,16

DONE Past Gone, SO LonG

Date: 10/4
Objective: Chinese painting
Procedure: Go to gallery, look up chinese painting and caligrapy
read and look
Due: NW Next Week

Date ;10/3 Goofey hats
Objectives: Goofey hats thumbnails
Procedure: 4/1/3 thumbnails - 4 thumbs
pick one - rework three, 3, times This will give you 4 thumbs of your finished design.
Due: Next week

Date: no date - just practice
Objective: blending
Procedure: Practice pressure sentive method of shading and blending with a pencil
Due: NC
hold-drawing-pencil-2.jpg Holding the pencilhow-to-draw-a-rose-picture.jpgBlending with he pencil
Date: 9/22
Objective: texture
Procedure: draw texture, small samples
Example - a brick compare two pieces of wood, a fuzzy sweater or cat, a braid, a straw or reed woven chair seat.
Due: NC

Objective: 8 contour drawings Shape and form
Procedure: Divide a 9x paper into 4 sections. In each section do a contour drawing of an object
On the back divide the paper into 4 sections. take one object and do contours of the object from differing points of view.
Due: NC

Objective: Using words so we can begin to talk to each other about art.
Procedure: Describe an event then, change the descriptive words to change the event.
Due: NC

Date: 9/
Objective: Words describing art.
Procedure: A) Go to gallery
B) Choose 2 artists and describe their work using descriptive language.
C) Try one using words to describe picture then try describing the color of the painting.

Objective: Elements
Procedure: Go to gallery/pick a painter/ identify elements and describe.
Due: NC

Objective: Principles
Procedure: Go to gallery/pick a painter/ identify principles and describe.

Date 5/23
1 Write about 1 a piece in the show that moves you.
2 Wtite about a piece that is technically interesting, by hand by machine,
3 Take a piece and do it better. First, what changes would you make / Second, the message does it come across? / Third, how would you change the composition and if you did this what would happen to the piece? How would you edit the piece?
4 What piece moved you?
Due 5/25

Objective: study - shapes created
Procedure: using a modified tpye of drawing, draw three groups of people, rocks, and dogs.
Due: NC

Objective: Shape studies
Procedure: Draw using a modified contour style a plate of food.
Due: NC

Date: 4/23
Under Jamie Wyeth find the painting that you understand to have texture and pattern. Explain the same. Try to copy a piece of the painting. Use the gallery.
Due: NC

Objective:Under Monet explain how Monet uses color to establish depth. name the picture you are inspecting and explain how he does it in a small drawing in color pencil

Date: 4/16
Objective: understanding 1 Point perspective.
Procedure: Draw an elipse from a circle using 1 point perspective.
The draw a cylinder from both a worm's and bird's eye view.
Due: 19-20

Date 3/26/27/12
Objective: Space and distance and influence
Procedure: How does Andrew Wyeth achieve the iilusion of depth in the work shown in the gallery? You can be general but use examples.
Why is he compared to the surrealists?
Due Date: 29/30/12

Date: 3/7/2011
Objective: Interpreting Portraits
a) chose one of the following artists to report on their reasons to portraits
b) with in this state your own reasons you think portraits are done.
Artists-Goya,Velasquez, Rembrant, Van Gogh, Whistler, Norman Rockwell, Andrew Wyeth, Andy Warhol,Chuck Close, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, John Singer Sargent, hans Holbien the Younger, Jan Van Eyk, Raphael, Da Vinci
Due Date: 3/12,13/12

For B classes
Date: 3/7/2011
Objective: Protraits in proportion and line
Procedure: 4 quarter size line portraits of someone, friend or family taking no more than 2 minutes each.
Due date:3/12/12

Date: 2/28/12
a) Redo 24 sketches with the purpose of getting the proportions correct
b) pay attention to facial expressions
Due Date: 3/3/1Date: 2/13/12
Objective: line portraits- modified contours
a) draw contour line drawings of people around you, family friends.
b) divide each 8x11 page into quarters or thirds
c) 24 sketches - draw quickly and do not worry about who they look like.

Date: 2/23/12
a) What is a portrait and why are they done. Look at all the aspects of portraits and self portraits.
Just the facts.
b) In this age of photography where does the hand made portrait stand?
c) How does a mask represent portraiture?
Due Date: 2/28/12
Date: 2/5/6/12 Silly Beast or Mask
Objective: using pattern and texture & positive/negative
a)Create an animal using different parts of other animals.
create a mask using different parts of faces .
b)collect the pictures of animals and or faces
c) make thumbnails 4/1/3 to generate a concept animal or mask.
Due: After exams date to be determined

Date: 2/5-6/12
Objective: Andy Warhol and one other Pop Artist
Procedure: a) Who are they? What do they do? Compare their art. (image, style, technique)
b) Silk Screen Process
Due:week of 8th

Date: 12/13/11
Objective: Value
Procedure: scribble drawings showing value changes of ordinary objects. can be holiday fare.
Divide 9x11 page into quarters. Have one object per quarter. 24 in all.