Robert Moskowitz

Unit 6 Art 1

Drawing Shape, Positive/Negative

Key concept Shape, Positive/Negative

Objective: SW
a) Learn about shape, characters and qualities, types
b) Experience the use of image reduction in accordance to Pos./Neg.

Procedure - Shape
a) intro to shape (see web site), definitions, types, difference from form, 2 dimensions
b) descriptive words to describe
c) identification in work
d) Contour drawing vs. Gesture drawing Note students will draw simple objects
e) Sbk Contour thumbs of shapes in world.

Project A
a) Find something from nature, image from web or a font do research to see artists use of poisitive/negative.
b)Simplify, into shape and Positive Negative
c) Rethink, abstracting first picture See pictographs, Mayan drawings
d)Use thumbnails 4 1 3 to complete an image

Materials open, sketchbooks,
Artists, Kollwitz, moskowitz, rothenburg

a) TIO
b)Thumbs to rethink simplify
c) Use of materials outside of Pencil / paper
d) readbility

Below, Georgio Morandi, a study of space


Robert Moskowitz What is the reading of this painting?


Moskowitz, And in this painting/drawing, What is the feeling conjured up from this tree? Why?

Alternative Lesson

Key concept-Positive/Negative &shape, contrast, Minimalism

Objective: SW
a) Learn about Positive/negative space and shape (both being the same thing).
b) Exercise the concept in a finished piece as per the examples.
a) Intro and demo Gallery, Robert Moskowitz and Susan Rothenberg
b) Repros
c) Begin thumbnails for piece in class and finish at home.
Criteria - Black & white or color, complements or contrast.
Simple minimal image or images. create enough Thumbnails so that all problems are sorted out. Image should make a statement political or otherwise.

a) 12x18 paper, pencils, sketchbooks, black paint or pencils, watercolor, charcoal or pastel.
Artists: my examples and the ones below
a) Tie into objectives.
b) Assessments changes due to media choice.
c) Line still remains line, shape-shape and pos/neg-pos/neg.
d) Craftsmanship and effort go without saying.
e) Reduction of image

excessivenegative.gifP&N defines visual and spacial balance.




P and N Quiz

1) Define positive
2) Define Negative
3) Thinking Science, how would these be referred to?
4) How is shape and space the same?
5) For every Positive there has to be a ?
6) How would the Rule of Odds play into Positive/Negative?
7) What are some of the Principles of Design that P& N play into.
8) How does P&N change your perception or point of view?
9) Can A pos. / neg tell a story? How?
10) Are all P&N drawings black and white or just two colors?

P y N concurso
1) Definir positivo
2) Definir Negativo
3) Ciencia Pensamiento, cómo deberían ser referidos a?
4) ¿Cómo es la forma y el espacio mismo?
5) para cada positivo tiene que haber una?
6) ¿Cómo el Estado de Cuotas jugar en positivo / negativo?
7) ¿Cuáles son algunos de los principios de diseño que P & N jugar en.
8) ¿Cómo P & N cambiar su percepción o punto de vista?
9) ¿Puede un pos. / Neg contar una historia? ¿Cómo?
10) ¿Están todos los dibujos P & N en blanco y negro o sólo dos colores?