Positive space or shape is the focal point, or where the artist wants you to look. Negative space or shape defines that area that surrounds the positive.

Positive space is equal to positive shape as area is involved. ( a shape is an enclosed area by definition) Space conjures the concept of area as does shape. Simply put, Positive is the subject, negative, the area around the subject.

Positive is charged, negative is not.

negative does not have to be empty though. It can have stuff going on within it's area. It should though lead the viewers eye to the positive or focal poijnt.

Positive and negative are away to proportion balance and symmetry.
The statement above suggests that the rule of odds says look at the spaces or shapes between objects or subjects. Actually this is a good idea for any piece you are doing.

Positive & negative exist in the world of two dimensions as in shapes not forms. Positive Negative is a way of defining shape.

For every positive there is a negative. For every balanced composition, the positive and negative must be in harmony or occupy what will appear to be equal amounts of space. Notice that I wrote "seem to". Think Asian Art or asymmetrical work.

One Technique used in drawing is to use the negative space, the space around your object or subject to help define the objects exterior shape.

Here we use the negative to describe the positive.




What is the focal point here? Why does it keep changing?Negative is the area surrounding the focal point. Space has shape so you will see pos. shapes and neg. shapes used also. This is what the image above plays with, shape and your perception of these shapes. So, what do you keep trying to focus upon? Which color, black or white is the stronger?

Horsemen, MC Escher

call_of_death.jpg matissebluenude.jpg

Call of Death, Kathe Kollwitz Matisse, Blue Nude

Remember *
When having trouble understanding what you are trying to draw, turn it up side down and look at the negative spaces or shapes. When having trouble drawing symmetrical objects like a bottle, look at the negative space and draw that. This method changes your perception of the object much like turning it upside down..

collection_12.jpg Robert Moskowitztimthumb.php.jpeg

P and N quiz

1) Define positive
2) Define Negative
3) Thinking Science, how would these be referred to?
4) How is shape and space the same?
5) For every Positive there has to be a ?
6) How would the Rule of Odds play into Positive/Negative?
7) What are some of the Principles of Design that P& N play into.
8) How does P&N change your perception or point of view?
9) Can A pos. / neg tell a story? How?
10) Are all P&N drawings black and white or just two colors?

P y N concurso
1) Definir positivo
2) Definir Negativo
3) Ciencia Pensamiento, cómo deberían ser referidos a?
4) ¿Cómo es la forma y el espacio mismo?
5) para cada positivo tiene que haber una?
6) ¿Cómo el Estado de Cuotas jugar en positivo / negativo?
7) ¿Cuáles son algunos de los principios de diseño que P & N jugar en.
8) ¿Cómo P & N cambiar su percepción o punto de vista?
9) ¿Puede un pos. / Neg contar una historia? ¿Cómo?
10) ¿Están todos los dibujos P & N en blanco y negro o sólo dos colores?