A form is a 3 dimensional object or thing. It is defined by mass and volume existing in space. It is drawn using a contour line. It is shown by adding values ie.. shading.
Contour: The outline of a shape or the surface of the form.
Depth: A technique to show deep space on a two-dimensional plane.
Edge: The outside line of a shape or form.

Gesture drawing using a contour line shows an objects interior form. it's volume or the space it occupies.
A gesture drawing is made by drawing quickly, concentrating on the object not the paper drawing in a continuous line. Looking at the paper is done very fast.
A gesture drawing is a study. It's line is called contour line, a line that shows shape or 3 dimensions.
A contour line defines form and mass. It is the line that is used when drawing a modified contour drawing and the inside form of a shape is desired.

contour-drawing-gesture-5.jpg Modified contour or gesture drawing mapping out the light and dark of values of these portraits. Notice the line characteristics, jagged, fast, hatched quickly, and not direct.
contour-drawing-number-eight-aj-williamson.jpg Using a resist technique to describe the form of faces.

Gesture drawing form

Key concept describing 3 dimensions or form
Objective S.w.
A) use observation to describe on object by gestural line
Procedure -
a) intro and demo
b) observe object
c) describe object using a continuous rather quick line. You my look at the paper quickly
d) Times drawing first then modified
e) First drawings just line
f) Second drawing map light and dark as in portraits.
Sketchbook, pencils
Giacometti, Van gogh,
A) tie into objectives
b) Composition
c)Speed of line
d) Improved drawing

Gesture drawing project

Key concept using gesture concept to produce an expressive drawing
Objective S.w.
a) draw using an additive and subtractive concept
b) draw with an eraser.
a) Intro/demo
b) Draw an observed object covering it in line describing light dark form etc as in a Giacometti
c) Use an eraser to high light or remove line to lighten drawing
Materials 12 x 16 w. paper, pencils, erasers
Artists giacometti, Rauschenberg
a) tie into assessment
b) use of subtractive method to produce drawing.

See Giacometti gallery

Drawn using value or shading.

1995.061.20D.jpeg 20100914084529-wt.png W. Thiebaud
Objects having 3 dimensions being shown by shading.

co2.jpg Real 3d form, sculpture

Robert Rauschenberg, painting or sculpture? or relief?
See Sculpture under the gallery title.

Developing form on a flat surface is a process of using values (see value section) to create the illusion of depth and space.