Form and contour lines

Key concept use of contour lines to define an object

* Contour lines define an objects form, mass or volume. It is the beginning to understanding the abstract concept of the Illusion of Depth.
This exercise will yield drawings that utilize contour lines without contour drawings. Thereby defining an object in 3 Dimensions.
What is looked for? What I look for is light and dark, shadow and mid-tones. Light shows the bumps and lumps the surface incidents that give use its form.

Objective SW
a) complete an Observational drawing that defines an object by contour lines only.

A) Begin lesson by asking students to draw without using outlines or contour drawing.
B) Stop at an appropriate time and demo contour line drawing. Explain or review contour line as opposed to scribbling or shading.
C) The characteristics of the line , the light and dark are the indicators of form.
D) Back to work correcting.
E) Required, one finished drawing.

Artists gallery, my drawing, converse shoes

Materials pencil, 12x paper

a) TIO
b) Quality of line
c) Quality of drawing
d) Amount of depth in pencil, light and dark
e) Imagination or description

contour lines as used in mapping.

For our purposes this is not a contour drawing as much as a gestural contour. It's the technique used in the line work.
a Modified contour drawings using contour lines, notice the light and dark. There is no outline.

Above and below are modified contour drawings using contour line with the addition of a contour drawing..
birdContour.png b6cbea037ef16a1a40438e51920de4bf.jpg
A modified contour using contour lines but not a contour drawing.