The Elements, principles & composition lesson

Key concepts Elements, principles & composition

Objectives SW
a) learn each of these
b) be able to recognize these
c) be able to use these by the end of the year

a) introduce each as a unit, 1) Elements, 2) Principles & 3) composition
b) exhibit examples,
c) have students 1) pick painting and artist
2) Thumbnail sketch a painting
3) search painting for Elements, etc... (1 sketch per element or principle.)
d) discuss use of each as well as history/story/meaning If known
e) continue And finish at home

Questions to consider
a) why do we have these?
b) What do they add to communication?
c) How do they help us communicate visually?
d) What is the history of these, How do you think it progressed historically?

Materials Sketchbooks, Pencils

Artists Various

a) TIO
b) Quizzes
c) Slide presentation, site recognition
d) Table reports diagraming a poster for Elements, Principles & Composition, explaining why the were used and how they were used.
e) Home work - Sketchbook
For each a thumbnail should be drawn in sketch book