Decoration Vs Design

Design is an act of or process of planning/arranging or conceptualizing.
Design is IDEA.
Design has a purpose of displaying content.
Design maybe the final look of an object or piece of artwork.
Design concerns itself with the human side of things, those being psychology (reactions to color shape pattern, interactions of space like interior design, reason, logic as in how things work together or apart and questions involving aesthetics (beauty).
Design concerns itself with Readability. Emphasis, focal points are important concerns and the purpose of good design or good readability.
Design has a purpose.

Decoration concerns itself with process also but its processes involve adorning, furnishing, ornamenting or embellishing. The focus here is to create beauty, or make an aesthetic statement. The use of the elements of art combined with the principles of design give us decoration. Think Ornaments on a tree, Fourth of July, birthday party rooms with big balloons. Decoration must have a purpose even if it is nothing more than to dress something up.
)A veneer is decoration.
*There seems to be a distinction between Art and design, Artists and designers.
)“Good Art inspires, Good Design motivates.
*I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free — Michelangelo
*Art is the triumph over chaos. ~John Cheever
*Art disturbs, science reassures. ~Georges Braque, Le Jour et la nuit
( “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which to keep.