Contour drawing

key concept -blind and modified contour drawing
Objective - SW
learn to draw through observation using contour drawing

Procedure - 1
a) Demo Contour drawing Blind, Modified, blind modified, modified wit contour line
b) draw simple objects (vases apples) single item shells, hats etc
* culminate in one modified contour of two objects, contour only
* Culminate in one finished modified drawing using contour line still life.
* both drawings to have good line quality

Procedure - 2
* Students will do a contour drawing of a still life as per example below

Materials pencils, 12x paper

Artists - Matisse, picasso

Evaluation -
a) quality of lines
b) depth of creation
c) finish in 2 sessions


external image sandals-contour.JPG.jpg
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Brenda Swenson: Contour Drawing

Simple contour drawing
external image 13contour.jpg
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Contour Drawing
Contour Drawing

Anyone Can draw - Exercises
blind_contour.gifBlind contour
contour.gif Contour